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The Creators

Isabelle McKusick Marantz has worked for the United Nations in Sustainable Development for 7 years and Michael Marantz is a filmmaker and founder of Already Alive.


This project is fueled by our passion to create meaningful content that inspires unity, educates, and drives change in the world. By offering glimpses into the lives of BEINGs through compelling visual storytelling, we aim to foster connections between viewers and subjects, awaken ourselves and others to the beauty and perils of life, and promote sustainable development as a viable way forward for humanity our planet.


We deeply respect the communities we enter into and make sure the stories that we tell and scenes captured are authentic and genuine.


We welcome collaboration with individuals and organizations interested in being part of this project and invite you to contact us with ideas, feedback, or just to say hello.


All photos and films on this site were taken and edited by Isabelle and Michael. 

Contact Us

Email us as hello (@) and we’ll get back to you soon.

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Behind The Scenes